Vale is a Psych Rock band from Louisville, Kentucky.

It was initially formed as a solo recording project in the summer of 2016 by Singer/Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist Austin Garner after the dissolution of his previous band. Brandon Craft (Indigo Elephant) joined shortly after on Bass Guitar. For the next couple years they underwent multiple lineup changes while Austin recorded their debut album. The two of them mixed, mastered and released the self titled album in September of 2017. In December Nick Beach (Vessel, Bottom Sop) joined on Drums.

They have performed at various venues and events around Kentucky such as Churchill Downs, WFPK Live Lunch, Cosmic Charlies, OPEN Gallery, The Cure Lounge, Kaiju, The Highlands Taproom, The Electric Kool Aid Basement, and The UFO House.

“If you’re into the trippy, acid rock of the ‘60s flavored with some blues, dream pop and jazz then you’re in for treat on their self-titled album VALE.”

“…I would definitely say you could hear influences of early Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix.”

“..think Mark Bolan from T. Rex…Syd Barrett meets Jazz..”

-Jay Freeman, Divide and Conquer Music

“…the Magical Mystery Tour. And “Strawberry Fields“: that’s where Austin Garner of Vale writes these beautiful nuggets.”

-Yoko Molotov, Never Nervous